Between Clouds & Corals

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Indonesia - Banda Expedition

06.11.2022 Indonesia - Banda Expedition

In the middle of nowhere

Indonesia - Derawan and Maumere

16.10.2022 Indonesia - Derawan and Maumere

Where the small things are

Malaysia - Tioman & Mabul

02.10.2022 Malaysia - Tioman & Mabul

You can't touch them... but they can touch you

Indonesia - Lembeh Muck diving

22.09.2022 Indonesia - Lembeh Muck diving

Sand, rubble, mud... we love it

Indonesia - Diving in deeper

09.09.2022 Indonesia - Diving in deeper

Stop pushing me into the Whale sharks!

Indonesia - Intro

15.08.2022 Indonesia - Intro

With already 50 hours under water time...


21.07.2022 Hawaii

Different than expected


12.07.2022 Ecuador

From flying at 4200m to diving in minus 30m

Colombia - South Trip

27.06.2022 Colombia - South Trip

Totally on our own, now

Colombia - North Trip

17.06.2022 Colombia - North Trip

Flying with king vultures high above the Cauca river

Farewell Friends, farewell Europe!

08.06.2022 Farewell Friends, farewell Europe!

Did we really, really pack everything?

Since when is Turkey on the plan?

25.05.2022 Since when is Turkey on the plan?

Decisions, decisions

Crusing from Italy to Slovenia

14.05.2022 Crusing from Italy to Slovenia

Do not trust Davide

Off we go

30.04.2022 Off we go

The first day of 6 months


09.04.2022 Prelude

Soon our journey begins!