Between Clouds & Corals

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Indonesia - Lembeh Muck diving

09/22/2022 Indonesia - Lembeh Muck diving

Sand, rubble, mud... we love it

Indonesia - Diving in deeper

09/09/2022 Indonesia - Diving in deeper

Stop pushing me into the Whale sharks!

Indonesia - Intro

08/15/2022 Indonesia - Intro

With already 50 hours under water time...


07/21/2022 Hawaii

Different than expected


07/12/2022 Ecuador

From flying at 4200m to diving in minus 30m

Colombia - South Trip

06/27/2022 Colombia - South Trip

Totally on our own, now

Colombia - North Trip

06/17/2022 Colombia - North Trip

Flying with king vultures high above the Cauca river

Farewell Friends, farewell Europe!

06/08/2022 Farewell Friends, farewell Europe!

Did we really, really pack everything?

Since when is Turkey on the plan?

05/25/2022 Since when is Turkey on the plan?

Decisions, decisions

Crusing from Italy to Slovenia

05/14/2022 Crusing from Italy to Slovenia

Do not trust Davide

Off we go

04/30/2022 Off we go

The first day of 6 months


04/09/2022 Prelude

Soon our journey begins!