Since when is Turkey on the plan?

Since when is Turkey on the plan?

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The sun sends its first rays into our bed in a lovely hotel in Ölüdeniz, Turkey. An Eichelhäher sings its turkish birdsong in a nearby tree.

Time to update my dear readers on how this happened.

From Slovenia we thought, driving back home to prepare for Annas & Tims wedding in Poland seems nicer through Austria/Innsbruck rather than Milano so we were lucky when an Austrian paragliding group "Flugwind" offered to bus' us up north! Driving up the Soca valley and looking up the 'Mangart' left us with the certainty that we'll revisit Slovenia for sure.

On the drive we checked options. Most cablecars were still in revision but Greifenburg - Embergeralm looked good. So we got off in Spittal and took the train to Greifenburg.

The train station is opposite of the camping entry so.. we of course walked through an old quarry, crossed a deep forest, a dirty river and spooked three lovely horses while walking through their enclosure to enter the camping.

The camping is focussed on paragliding tourists arriving by camper/car thus it attracts the elderly community more.

My air mattresses fiasco remains unresolved. It should later turn it's due to 5 holes that I sleep on hard soil every night.

Three daily huge old Post car shuttles bring you up to Embergeralm.

From here we fly to Lienz where we land happily because valley east wind and regional west wind make for some bumpy sections.

From here, a long journey by train/replacement bus and one night in a not-so-nice Innsbruck hotel between cemetary and highway we were arriving back home in Zurich on 16.05.2022.

The next day, we had some nice weather window to fly Weissenstein/Jura with big thermals but strong unexpected east wind so we turned left after Grenchen and landed near the Aare for a jump into the nicely cold river.

Now a wedding in Poland awaited us and with it, two days of partying, lots of fun activities like shooting each others with bow & arrow and so much booze & dancing.

Happily hung over we returned, met up with friends and wanted to plan our west-east trip through northern Austria to our coming up wedding near Vienna. But projected all of Europe in a bad weather situation for the next 10 days... We zoomed the map out and considered about 20 countries to go to. What a crazy luxury we have to spontaneusly globally travel by weather... What crazy times to be alive.

So, we finally decided on Ölüdeniz in Turkey since we've never been and the weather looked great.

From Dalaman airport, taxis/buses take you to Ölüdeniz for 10 EUR where a cable car and flying ticket (Register first via account on Book flights from Babadang this will generate QR codes to show at the cable car counter) totalling 130 Lira or about 7 EUR per flight. Minibuses to the cable car run every 7 minutes for 8.5 Lira so it's well connected. But you have to pay by card. If you pay by cash you will be chargef 13 Lira.

We plan on staying another 6 days here and then fly directly to Vienna where we'll get to Izzy's & Domi's wedding and then cruise back to Switzerland with Yvi & Cedi before we leave to Colombia!

See you next time!