A different world

After 2 nights in BsAs I can safely say that I am in a completely different world.

There is an inherent difference in the people I meet from outside and from inside BsAs. This city seems stuck up. Porteños definitely live in a cloud and seem to want to be left alone in there. Everyone else is awesome.

Ironically the melting pot in BsAs in my opinion does not include Tango people from BsAs (Porteños) but everyone else. But boy is it a melting pot for the rest :-)

Besides all the lounging, walking, eating sweet meat (oh it’s local), and Tango’ing until my feet hurt I feel that every day I don’t open up my glider is kind of an unfulfilled one.

So I’ll only stay till next weekend and then head towards Córdoba. Leaving out all the tourist attractions and focussing on what my heart wants: Being up in the air.