Preliminary goodbye to Argentina

It’s 9 o’clock, quit cold, I’m on the bus to La Cumbre where I have to get my broken breakline fixed before I go on to Mendoza and Chile. The display says 14:44 and 75°C. So Argentina is still Argentina. After a good month here, I’m left with a tonn of memories, great encounters, many bus-, car- and carshaped rides and beautiful flights with my lovely 27m^2 companion.

The condors trying to build a nest on top of my glider, the fun games of mikado with my lines in the thorny bushes and the freezer-to-sauna microclimate descents are only a few of the the nice memories I take with me but let’s start at the beginning.

Mina Clavero, on the last day I decide to cook for myself and invite all of the hostel.

Cooking Chef de cuisine Hostel Since it’s off season “all the hostel” equals to 2 guests and 3 staff here.

They contribute the wine and I have happy guinea pigs for my weird cooking escapades. Good deal.

The weather pushes me back north so I visit my old Cordoba Link hostellers. For a jogg in the park and Mojito night. Do not search for pictures of that event… please ;-)

Next comes up a message of Augusto “El Canaro” Savoy to meet up for a carshare to La Rioja. Perfect! At a gas station I get to know my awesone companions for the next few days Pomelo “Apfelmus”, Martin and Pablo.

Friends los pajaros locos

Together with Charly and el Negro with their club – for four beautiful days we explore every inch of airspace above La Rioja for thermals and dynamics.

Paragliders Yes, yes it is

The traditional asado and the art of making it is not completely lost on me.

Asado This is me, pretending to know what I’m doing

Mountain View from the despegue over La Rioja

I can’t wait to cut all my endless videos together. Storage and bandwidth are the rarest goods however… Talk about first world problems.

In parallel to the flying, the hostelhop also brings out nice encounters and long nights. In the end, my stomach gives me a 404, digestion not found and I’m on toilet break for 2 days. Well, it was bound to happen, I guess.

With regained strenght, my journey continues to San Miguel de Tucuman and meet Javier. What a difference! Tropical green and fresh air everywhere. A city not built on tourism but pulsating economy. What a great place! And if that wouldn’t be enough, the paragliding family is just top notch. Crazy.

Take off Probably the easiest take off in the world! Paragliding Flying Flying Flying Paragliding The reason why no one asks me why I paraglide: They know. Wingover my wingovers start to get really sweet Raul from the bk hostel, a great biplace pilot. Gears down

Needless to say, I love this city. I love them all but this one is just the best so far. Sorry. I even fotographed a building, look at me!

House Being Touristy

I slowly feel a time pressure so with a sad heart I leave towards Salta “la linda” but honestly I’m missing ths linda part. It’s a nice city like “she’s nice, let’s just be friends”. Local instructor Horacio introduces me to dynamic soaring near the city which is nice but the landing spots are just riddled with thorns. That’s at least a good motivator to get better at toplandings…

Soaring Sweet soaring but under 25km/h is a sentece for descent at these merely 40m altitude

If you ever go to Salta, check out the museum of high altitude. They don’t just have hundreds if years old mummies but they present them in a spooky way, too. Dark vitrines with “press button to see mummy” light. Yeah, weird but what isn’t, right.

Next up: A sweet roadtrip up to Cafayate with Steve, Amanda and Kevin from the local hostel.

I’m just letting the images speak:

We simply could not have chosen a better day.

By the way: The Salta Por Siempre hostel has the best coffee I ever tasted in Argentina. Give it a try. Oh, and i cooked again for 5. This time pasta with pumpkin/apple sauce. Damn, hungry again.

I guess that wraps up a minimum part of what happened ;-)

Cheers and see you next time.